Credits Incident 2


Trina Nicole Beckwith
Glitter Demon Quentin Fears
Dimple Worm Eric Kuenhneman
Cricket Delaney Britt Brewer
Charleyhorse John Peery
Cliquot Candace Thompson
Asbestos Ben Sinclair
Troll Candace Walters
Imelda Marcos Jenny Greer
ManLamb Bradley Teal Ellis
Execudruids Armando Alexander Ben Cikanek Adam Marple Jay Pluck
Richard Saudek Josh Tyson Lawrence Webber
Head Execudruid Al Foote III
Music By John Peery LeeAnn Dunkelberger Clay Baucom Koning’s Blauw
Fantasierock Telecopy Marionettes of Satan Dusty Fingerz
Sound Editing by LeeAnn Dunkelberger Clay Baucom
Special Thanks Conrad Kofron Ryan Milks GoodBye Blue Monday
Candace Walters R&L Party Center Leopoldine Core
Nate Weida James Nares August Urbish

Internet Sources Morning by Edvard Grieg Vivid Sunrise Water Phone Drive in Food
The Secret Lives of Stars Airbrushed Moon Sun Grazing Comets
Pearl of the Orient The Gift of the Sun Kenny G.