Dear Other People,

From Chicago, we trekked up to visit our good pal Colin, who is studying at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and, also, went to school with us at UNC-Greensboro back in the day. The night we arrived we were able to nosh and catch up with Colin and his fiancé Kat at their digs.

After dinner and some South Park watching, we parked the RV at the nearest Wal Mart, with their expansive sea of concrete and general okay-ness with big American vehicles being parked over night, we thought it was a good spot to camp. When I woke up shivering from the night frigidness and confusion over where exactly I was and why I was sleeping in a tiny bed with a nearby Wal Mart sign shining like a plastic monster waving hello, I thought, uh oh. I did it. I watched so much Breaking Bad that I decided to turn to crime to make money and now I’m in a crystal meth making ring and am running from the law in a behemoth 1980’s RV somewhere in the middle of America. Whoops.

Luckily, I realized a few minutes later that, no, I’m just making art in a behemoth 1980’s RV somewhere in the middle of America and it was time to do just that. So, we were up and out of that parking lot and back off to Colin’s. Colin had class all day so we stayed at his place and caught up on planning and clothes washing. That night after dinner, JP dressed Colin’s study to look like a little boy’s room (one who has a serious sports fanaticism and a righteous trophy collection), for his character’s back story. Colin gamely sprayed gold paint all over his face, and did a bang up acting job as a bully slash abrasive coach character named Trophy Collection that terrorizes young Charley Horse.  After all was said and acted, plus some ADR’ing of Colin’s voice post-filming, we called it a wrap.

Then we buried Colin in his own backyard.


KIDDING! Yeesh, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Were you?!