Fayetteville, WV

Dear Other People,

Randy Thompson is Candace’s dad.

His home in Fayetteville, West Virginia is a pretty place where lots of folks travel for all the ecotourism – rapelling, hiking, fishing, and biggest of all, white water rafting. 

Randy’s got a gentle GIANT of a dog called Duke, and was most obliging to play a part in our project.  I’ll say,  our video piece has reached a new level now that we’ve got footage of a fella, decked out in camo, dancing around a campfire and shooting a laptop with a shotgun!

Randy used to be a rafting guide himself and knows people all over town.  Wherever we went we were treated well and fed.  He even got us permission to film in this cool old camper that the guy who used to drive the gear truck for the rafting company, Timmy, keeps in his back yard. 

The camper was a great location full of character and West VA feel – perfect for one of the scenes Candace has concocted for our story.  Timmy himself was a nice guy with big Timberland boots and a new puppy on the end of a rope.  We brought him some sandwiches and chips and beer in exchange for letting us film in his RV.  He only wanted the beer :)


     John ‘n’ Candy!