From NC to WV

Dear Other People,

Our maiden voyage in Pirate Molly the cream-colored RV began with a rumbling trip up and down the Appalachian mountains towards  Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Advice to fellow RVers: when driving in mountains, follow the trucks. When they get into the right lane, do it too, and pop into second gear. 

We were a bit nervous to be out on our own, but free, too.  Finally free and the feeling is growing!


We stopped for lunch at a farmer’s market just outside of Wytheville, VA, where we scarfed some chicken salad sandwiches and decided to look around before setting off again.  I swear, if all of our money weren’t budgeted towards buying fuel on this trip, we would have bought the whole place out!  Fresh corn, big fat tomatoes, jams and preserves, funny tie-dyed shirts, apples… As it was, Candace escaped with a pumpkin whoopee pie and John, a whole loaf of handmade sourdough bread. 


The drive was gorgeous with views of Pilot Mountain and the weather was swell all afternoon.  We came into Fayetteville around six-thirty where Candace’s dad met us at the top of his gravel driveway to help us back safely into our West Virginia parking spot.  We’d made it!

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Yer Pals,

        Candace and John