Mr Joe Culley

Dear Other People,

We’d like to introduce you to our new friend, Joe Culley.

Joe Culley is from Iowa but he’s lived all over, especially Oregon. He moved back to Iowa when his mom and dad had to go in the nursing home.  He was one of 12 kids, but only half his siblings are still living.

 Joe Culley used to drive semis, but now he inspects transmission parts. It’s not as good of a job, but he wanted to get off the road to be near his kids.

 Joe Culley has a lot of kids. His oldest ones are in their early 40’s. His youngest is 8. He talks about all of them a lot. He’s a proud dad.

 Joe Culley was apparently quite a scrapper in his youth and allegedly once blinded a man in a fight.

Joe Culley once won an entire Sony entertainment system playing McDonalds Monopoly, and then lightning struck it and fried it.

Joe Culley is having some problems with his ex wife, but he’s trying to sort it out. We hope it works out for him.

Joe Culley doesn’t drink, but he does gamble, and he says its important to pray before you drive.

Joe Culley spent the better part of his Saturday night trying his darndest to fix our RV. Then he waited with us—3 complete strangers— while we waited to get towed. 

Then he drove us to our campsite and waited with us for the RV to arrive.

Then he took us to get dinner at McDonalds and gave us a tour of his hometown.

The next morning Joe Culley showed up with a decent price on a new engine for us… in case that was what we needed. 

Joe Culley answered all our stupid questions about Iowa, and then he went out in a field and got us some corn to take as a souvenir.

 Then Joe Culley worked a graveyard shift.

When he got off work he spent that afternoon with us, waiting for Molly to get towed by a really sweet flatbed truck.


Then he drove us to Omaha to rent a car.


When he got done doing that, he went back to Iowa and worked another graveyard shift.

When we parted ways I think Joe Culley and I were both a little tearful…either that or John and I were starting to smell so bad that his eyes were watering.

An hour after parting ways, Joe Culley called us just to make sure we were still doing alright.


Joe Culley: All American Hero.