The other Nashville

Dear Other People,

Our quick and dirty ride through Detroit was fun, but I, for one, breathed a sigh of relief upon arriving in the quaint and quiet village of Nashville, Michigan.

Our dear friend and collaborator, LeeAnn Dunkelberger, is from Nashville, and most of her family still lives in the surrounding area. She happened to already be in town working on her newest project, Mission to Express, which will bring voice lessons and songwriting classes to underprivileged kids all over the US. Wish her luck!

LeeAnn’s aunt, Rosemary, rents an abandoned grade school from the city of Nashville for next to nothing, and has her own philanthropic work afoot as well. Her project, BUGS, is trying to provide much needed community stimulation such as a CSA program and community garden, art classes, and other educational opportunities to a town still struggling after the obliteration of the automobile industry. Rose was so cool! Not only did she let us park our RV in the school parking lot all week, but we also got to have free reign of the school, shooting a large portion of Charleyhorse’s backstory amidst it’s (supposedly) haunted halls.

If that wasn’t enough, LeeAnn hooked us up with all the actors, locations, props and costumes we needed to have a quick and easy shoot week. Her mom, her uncle, and she all got in on the action and they were amazing. In the evenings we sat around the table with Clay, LeeAnn, and all of LeeAnn’s woman kin, laughing and drinking wine and getting all mystical and stuff… which you know I love.



And man oh man did we get down to a lot of stuff in Nashville. John and I went to our first Powow and danced in the intertribal dance and bought a coyote head. We saw Amish people driving and cows copulating and heard school toilets and sinks mysteriously turn on all by themselves. We got harassed by grade school kids who banged on our RV at 7am every morning, and helped shoot a music video and even had time to record a song with Cody, LeeAnn’s cousin who made the beat for Corey Haim’s Ghost last year.

…oh and then we went to this place called Mooville, which is not a place for the lactose intolerant. But for me it was total heaven.

Cow pies and bacon cheese and a warm apple dumpling with caramel and sea salt ice cream.


No I didn’t eat all of this in one sitting… though I could have.



And then I met this guy.


Man I wish he would have fit in the RV. I would have kept him shampooed and bowed and I would have curled his eyelashes every morning. 

I would have named him Giblets.


We could have had it all, Giblets.

We could have had it all.