How this started…

The impromptu interviews that launched this entire series arose as organically as possible. We started the process by wanting to generate material solely created by us.  Whether it was going to be scripted, improved, a tidy narrative or a loose one was still unknown. We gathered one summer night at John and Candace’s loft in Bushwick and chatted about what interested us. We discovered that we were mostly fascinated with the people that populated our daily lives; inspired by bosses, neighbors, subway regulars, bartenders, deejays, local artists, friends and acquaintances. From a generation that was the first to grow up on Reality TV, we were, also, intrigued by that construct.


We decided to conduct the filming as if we were each sending in interview applications for a Real World, or Big Brother, type of show. Our characters were a little odder, a little sloppier, but just as dim and self-involved, as folks that you might find on those shows.  A bona fide love and appreciation grew for the early versions of these characters, as well. After sharing some sparkling wine, bandying ideas, swapping clothes, accidentally breaking a wine bottle, and having fun with hair, glue, make up, and sharpies – our characters came to life in these interviews. And, from that moment on, we became Cricket, Charleyhorse, and Cliquot. Collectively: Other People.