B.T.S. Incident 3


The third Incident is the last of the Brooklyn Incidents.  We pick up right where we left off – Cliquot, Cricket, and the skeleton of Trina are chillin’ in the haunted living room.. This Incident revolves around the theme of LOVE and sends 3 secret lover/assassins to wreak havoc in the haunted loft.  Just before filming this one, there had been a fire in the building two floors up.  Sprinklers went off, shit got hosed down, water came flowing down around us.  Therefore all our furniture was piled up and our books were laying about.  We decided to go with this as the look for our set.


ALSO: We held a live DOOM TRUMPET concert and used it as the soundtrack for this Incident. He is woven throughout the whole story and is very much a character in it.  The house is not happy.. (ruummmble…….)


We shot with Zenzele Cooper playing the fierce and flawless Mimosa Royale in our friend Lawrence’s Bushwick loft (he’s got a piano and a pool table in there, it’s dope). Keep an eye out for the striped dress that Kim is wearing in the background.  She made it from a porch umbrella!

cricket cliquot mimosaroyale


Josh Tyson weirded us out with his wonderful southern-accented portrayal of Shawl.  We shot this scene in the filthy, sweaty church attic above the Irondale Center on S. Oxford St.  By the time we emerged we were caked in grime.  We shared a deli platter and some whiskey in Fort Greene Park to celebrate.



Megan Mazarick made the grand transformation into her grunting alter-ego, the juggalette Wicca-Wicca.  Our sound guy Clay exclaimed when he saw her out of her make-up, “ Oh, she’s actually pretty!” Thanks Megan, for rockin all them hot topic accessories and those crumbly platform shoes from the nineties, and comin’ to ugly it up with us.



We needed a shot of Richard Saudek as the insufferably egotistical TallBike actually riding down the street in Brooklyn on one of those double-decker, welded-together, extra-tall bicycles.  So John Pizza took the wheels off of his own trusty green bike and taped it really well to a saw-horse that had little caster wheelies in the bottom of it.  Now when Richard climbed up high on the “tall bike” and the camera framed out our friend Brad as he pushed the whole thing down the block, it kinda looked semi-janky convincing. SICK/SAD SIDE NOTE: That night we filmed the scene, chained up the tallbike contraption, went to have one beer, came back, AND SOMEONE HAD STOLEN THE WHOLE THING!  Bye bye trusty green bike, with tape all over it and no wheels..


And last but not least, here’s Asbestos, as portrayed by Ben Sinclair, having successfully climbed into our cabinets in one take.